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How your investors benefit

Enterprise ESG platform featuring portfolio ESG data suite, automated regulatory reporting and benchmark analytics.

How your investors benefit

How you benefit

Desktop app that enables investee ESG data collection, supply chain data ingestion and full disclosure management.

How you benefit

Company Inspired Advantage

Company Inspired Advantage is the ability to increase company valuations and make more informed decisions with the use of ESG data and prescribed ESG disclosure to prospective investors, analysts and regulatory authorities.

Environmental, social and corporate governance information has become mainstream. Market analysis is no longer just financial but includes ESG as fundamental data and in turn, places significant emphasis on non-financial company performance.

Company Inspired Advantage is the benefit companies gain by utilising Inspired ESGs proprietary system of audited ESG data streams, statutory reporting modules and process optimisation services. These benefits enable companies to maximize shareholder value and gain actionable insight by managing and holistically analyzing company performance.

Inspired ESG has been designed from the ground up to serve companies by providing products and services that further their aims while being frictionless and adaptive. We believe this is we benefit from longstanding relationships with clients who know from experience, they can rely on Inspired ESG.

Forget the noise.
This is how we do it.

Utilising our end to end data and reporting system, we work with you to introduce data generation and collection or augment your existing data management system. We also work with your suppliers so that all relevant data is standardized, aggregated and converted to disclosure via our audited reporting software. All data is presented via login dashboards for ease of use and instant analysis.

  • Assess and analyse data management system
  • Present gap analysis and recommendations
  • Implement customized data management system
  • Collect all available data and metadata
  • Generate data to fill gaps utilising metadata and APIs
  • Standardize and tag all data to audit trail
  • Benchmark all data to your sector(s) index(es)
  • Generate analytics and recommendations
  • Illustrate value risk and opportunities
  • Integrate data and qualitative content
  • Prepare disclosures according to reporting framework
  • File reports for mandatory and voluntary disclosure

“What gets measured, gets managed.”

Peter Drucker, Management Consultant (1909 - 2005)

Everyone benefits

ESG data and disclosure has become essential. If you want to increase your company valuation, fufil investor mandates and outsource the reporting burden, please get in touch.

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